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I need more information on your REQUIREMENTS on have a mobile telephone and Text and data plans

Our Private Group Messaging Service.

Unique to our Thailand tour is our PRIVATE group messaging system. We use software called “Group Me”(available free for iPhone and Android, other phones via text)

As we have ALL experienced when we are together with a group of men, when we all go somewhere, some of the group wants to stay at the club/bar, some want to leave and check something else out. It is always a bit of peer pressure and even some bullying from time to time of whether the group stays or moves on. With our tour we have solved this issue that has perplexed us males since the beginning of time.

As we travel and we have the opportunity to stop at hundreds of clubs and bars, some will want to stay (maybe you or fellow traveler met someone) and the rest of us want to move on. If you decide to stay and join us later on, you will always know where the group is with our “Group Me app” We will be constantly updating the group location and more importantly how to get there. So if a club or girl gives you a good vibe and the rest of the group wants to leave, you can be on your own and join up later or even much later as you will always know where we are at all times.

So to make this work, you need preferably an iPhone or Android phone. It needs to be unlocked.

Here are your options.

1) Your VERY best option is to be a USA T-mobile subscriber. I am and my phone, text and data work great in Thailand (maybe even better than USA) . I have the $80 simple choice plan that gives me UNLIMITED Data, Fax and .20 cent phone calls in Thailand. FaceTime works great. I don't have to change SIMS or have a Thai Phone. Its all part of my regular plan.

2) Unlock your USA smartphone (not Blackberry) and we will get you a Thai SIM. There are always different carrier specials but it will cost approximately $15-20USD and include about 100-200 minutes to anywhere including USA and 1-2gb of data and texting credits. That's more than enough to get you through the trip.

3) Buy a cheap Thai Android phone. With Thai SIM about $100. You can use the “group me” software on this phone.

4) Buy an even cheaper Thai disposable (burner) phone. You can't run the software but you will receive the text messages. This will cost about $30. Possible but we don't recommend. Spend the $100 on option 3 above.

5) Talk to your carrier about the rate or plans for data usage in Thailand.


You mentioned some words, movies and restaurants I never heard before. What do they mean?

Soi is the Thai word for Street.

Baht is the Thai Currency.

Aproximately 30bt to $1 USD. So 100bt is about $3.00USD

Baht Bus ?

The movie Hangover 2.

Big hit, their adventure was in Thailand, and they called themselves the “wolf pack.”

Check it out on Netflix or iTunes. Do they still rent movies? I don't know.

Sirroccos Restaurant? It was featured in the Hangover 2 movie. One of the best restaurants in the world. Check out the reviews at

I have heard that Thai Culture is very different than Western Culture. How can I get up to speed quickly?

We've got you covered. All of our tour participants will receive a complementary copy of “Speakeasy Thai, Travel Survival Guide, Bar Girl Special Edition.” This will be send to you before your depart on our “Men on a Mission” tour to get up to speed. It's currently available only from Thailand. As one reviewer wrote: “The Thai tourist office should make this book compulsory for all visitors.” Or, another review “At last, a real look at Thailand and some of the issues with bar girls.” It is currently available in Thailand for about $6.00, but I will send you a FREE copy. It seems to NOT be available anywhere in the USA as it is being sold for $55.00 on Amazon marketplace and shipped from Thailand. It is so popular it is commanding 10x the price. Yours FREE when you join our “Men on a Mission tour”


I've heard that Thai women only care about western men for the money. Is that true?

Well...I live in Newport Beach, do I really have to answer THAT question? <grin>

I hear you guys on your first or second divorces snickering! Now stop that!

Seriously, however, everyone needs money. No matter where you live. I have never met a woman yet that money wasn't important to some degree. Thailand is no exception. However, I would say generally speaking, Thailand is not as expensive as the west. I think generally speaking that Thai women are very honest, loyal, and deeply caring. So my personal opinion is generally speaking, is it will cost less and the quality level is more.

How much is Airfare to Bangkok

As I am sure you are aware, airfares fluctuate by the second. However as a travel agency, we work with many "air consolotors" and we do from time to time have very attractive rates to Thailand.

Generally speaking as I have seen over the years:

Economy runs about as low as $760 to s high of $1,100

Economy Plus about $1,600 to $2,000

Business Class about $3,000 to 3,500

If you have been saving your miles, this is a great time to use them..

Do I need a VISA? Any vaccinations?

For US Citizems: You do NOT need a VISA for our trip in advance. You will be issued a 30 day tourist VISA upon entering Thailand. If you are a citizen or have a passport from another country, call us for more details.

You will need a valid passport to enter Thailand.

For vaccinations, please check with your doctor or the Center for Diease Control for the latest guidelines. At a minimum, I would suggest you are current on your tetanus vaccination and I would reccommend the current flu shot.

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