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Men on a Mission Tour 2016
VIP Tour to Thailand! Bangkok and Pattaya


Sunday, October 2, 2016 to Sunday Octobrt 9, 2016

You've heard the song “One night in Bangkok.” You watched “Hangover 2.” You've seen the videos on You Tube. You've heard the stories about all the beautiful women in Thailand and all the fun and debauchery and you are ready to go. You'd love to go, BUT you have no idea where in Thailand to go and when you get there, where to go and what to do? You need a “wingman!”

If you have been single long enough! If you have been to one too many singles bars, singles clubs, blind dates! You've had enough online dating, singles seminars, to last you the rest of your entire life. If the women you are meeting are not to the caliber you want, the level you expect or deserve.

Asian and specifically Thai women are often seen as world's most beautiful women, but beyond their beguiling attractions there is a touch of native genius forgotten by the women in western world, A fenimine softness, kindness, generousity and just a cute playful sexiness.

If you have finally come to the conclusion: “There must be a better way, there must be a better place somewhere to find what you are looking for.”

The answer is YES, there is!

I have been going to Thailand for many years now. And it is everything you have heard. It is a men's nirvana. For some unexplained reason there are many more women than men in Thailand. The average age in Thailand is 30 years old. The women are cute, slender, sweet, polite, soft, quiet, very kind, have a good sense of humor, fun, loyal, are very beautiful and interestingly kind of giggly boy crazy (sort of like teen age high school girls)

Unlike here in the west, how you look, what you drive, and how much money you have is NOT the most important thing to Thai women. The most important thing they look for is a nice and respectful man. They really don't care how tall or short you are, if you are skinny, buff or have a few (or more than a few) extra pounds, how much hair you have or don't have anymore, what nationality or race you are, and your age is just not that important. If you have a job, a credit card and are considered somewhere in the middle class here in the USA, well, you are a rich man in Thailand.

You don’t need to have any real “game.” You can even be shy. Being sort of shy can be an asset (Thai women tend to be shy too). Ok, you can't be totally shy, you can say “hello” to a women, right? Ok, you'll be fine.

If your whole game is a “bad boy” image, that won't really work in Thailand. However, if you are like many of us who are nice guys and go to clubs where the women won't give you the time of day or the ones that do are not at all what you are looking for or if you are tired of playing stupid “pickup” games in clubs or online, then this is the tour for you. The hard part will not be meeting and being with some of the most beautiful women you have ever seen, the hardest part will be keeping you from falling in love everyday. 

Whether your goals are hedonistic, romantic or like most of us somewhere in between, then this tour is designed for you. You've seen other tours to Thailand, but like most of them, they take you to all the usual tourist attractions. That is not what you are looking for. You want to see the Thailand you've heard about but you need a “wingman” to show you. The real places you have heard about, the beer bars, the go-go bars, the discos, and other debauchery places that I can't even list here. This is the tour for you. Don't worry, we are going to see the tourist attractions too! But, we are going to do it "man style", a scooter tour through Bangkok, A dinner at an authentic German Beer Garden, and ring side seats, at Muay Thai Boxing.  You will have plenty of pictures to show family and coworkers of our Thailand trip. Also, besides beautiful women, Thailand has some of the worlds most beautiful beaches, world class snorkeling and diving, golf courses and we will have many opportunities to go zip lining, ride ATV's, go Parasailing, and I recently did a bike tour of Bangkok that was amazing. 

Are you ready to change your life? Are you ready to meet the women you deserve? Are you ready to have the most amazing 8 days of your life! Do you need a “wingman” to show you the absolute best places to help make this happen? Then this is the tour for you! It will make the “wolf pack” from “Hangover 2” look tame.

As an old fisherman once told me when I didn't catch any fish, “it's not that there aren't plenty of fish in the sea. You are just fishing in the wrong place.” Let us take you where the most beautiful women are waiting to meet you.

Men on a Mission Tour 2016

8 day/7 night VIP Tour

4 days in Bangkok and 3 days in Pattaya

Sunday, October 2,2016 to Sunday, October 9, 2016

This is a first class VIP tour. 


  • VIP “Black Car” chauffeur driver pickup upon arrival at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport to hotel in Bangkok.
  • 4 nights in Deluxe room at the Westin Grande Sukhumvit a first class upscale hotel in the heart of Bangkok or comparable hotel.
  • 3 nights in Superior room at LK Empress in Pattaya a first class upscale hotel across beach road on the beach or comparable hotel.
  • High Speed Internet included.
  • Full Huge Buffet Breakfast included every morning.
  • Welcome dinner included on second night in Bangkok at Cabbages and Condoms Restaurant.
  • Light dinner/welcome party included in Pattaya
  • Escorted Scooter tour of popular tourist attractions in Bangkok
  • Nightly escorted tour of the Bangkok nightlife
  • Nightly escorted tour of the Pattaya nightlife
  • Transportation between Bangkok and Pattaya
  • Daily group meeting to discuss activity options
  • Nightly group dinner plans, some ideas including Sirraccos (as seen in Hangover 2 movie) Tawangdang German Brewery (dinner costs not included in tour)
  • For those interested, an evening of Muay Thai boxing (ring side seats not included)
  • Access to additional daily tours including golf, snorkeling, diving, biking et al
  • Private group messaging service so group participants can join and rejoin group activities as warranted.
  • 24 hour access and availability of your tour director/"wingman" for any tour issues. 
  • Complementary copy of Speakeasy Thai, Travel Survival Guide, Bar Girl Special Edition (currently available only in Thailand)
  • Return Transportation from Pattaya to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport 
  • International Air, all lunches and most dinners are not included. 

Sunday Oct 2, 2016 Day 1:

Arrive in Bangkok and after you receive your luggage and clear Thai customs, you will be greeted by our private chauffeur/driver who will take you to the Westin Grande Sukhumvit hotel in the heart of the action in Bangkok. This is a beautiful first class hotel. Take the rest of the day to recover from your long flight.

Depending on when you arrive, and how you feel after a long flight, we will have casually planned activites available to join in when you arrive. For example if you arrive in the afternoon, we can go to the JJ Weekend Market, which is a crazy crazy swap meet type of event.

In evening if you have arrived, we can go to dinner together.

If later, we can hit a club or disco to the wee hours, However remember you have a scooter tour in the morning and a long week, so maybe you'll want to get some rest too.

Monday, October 3, 2016 Day 2:

A long exciting day ahead in Bangkok.  After your huge buffet breakfast, we will get picked up at our hotel for a scooter tour of Bangkok. You will ride on the back of the scooter while our professional drivers take you through Bangkok. Our tour leader will hand you a Walkie Talkie as she narrates our tour. We will see the Palaces, Temples, many buddhas, After the tour, take a short afternoon nap as we have a long night ahead of us. Or we may suggest a couple of fun shopping experiences as well. For those who need to get a Thai telephone or Thai SIM card we will go and get that accomplished (See telephone info in our FAQ section)

At about 6:30p, we will begin our nightly tour. Tonight your welcome dinner is included, and what could be a better place to start our “Men on a Mission Tour” than a delicious Thai dinner at Cabbages and Condoms restaurant. This restaurant is run by a buddhist monk who's mission is to promote “Safe Sex.” A good message to listen to as we begin our mission. The entire restaurant is decorated in condoms. At the end of dinner, they don't have mints, the give you a condom. At least I know you have one condom with you.

After dinner, we are off to explore the nightlife. First stop is sort of a rite of passage which is the Soi Cowboy area . There are many go-go bars, massage parlors and all around fun time. We will spend sometime there and then we will head on over to the Nana Adult Entertainment area which is walking distance from Soi Cowboy. Along the way, we will point out some of the soapy massage parlors, short time bars and other places of interest.
After Nana, the night is STILL young, and it is off to one of the many discos for wee hours of fun or until you find your honey for tonight. 

Tuesday, Octobet 4, 2016 Day 3 

After breakfast, we will have a meeting and discuss many options for the day. For example, there are many other tours as well as golf, and biking and so on. If you need to take a break for some “me” time, the hotel has a magnificent pool, workout room, gym, steam and sauna. Also in the hotel and around the area are some fantastic day spas for a great foot or Thai massage. Or maybe just a nap. If in the past two days you have found a new honey, you may want to spend some quality time with her. You will always be in contact with us with our group messaging system. So you can pick and choose what you want to do

In the afternoon, we will be taking our group to some of the best shopping in the world at MBK, Paragon and Terminal 21. If you want electronics, clothes or just about anything at bargain prices, join us for our shopping experience.

Tonight, w
e will meet in the lobby for dinner tonight. Tonight is “high end” night. As in the “Hangover 2” movie, you are one of the “wolf pack” and we are going to dinner at the restaurant that was featured in the movie, “Hangover 2,” Siraccos. It has a 360 degree view of Bangkok from the rooftop restaurant. The food, atmosphere and service are incredible. We will spend a little time at the bar and then enjoy a fantastic dinner (cost not included in tour) and then after dinner we will go to what I think is the BEST place in Bangkok to meet some of the most beautiful women (10+ model type.) You will want to go back there again every night after tonight. It's very addictive.

There are after hours clubs all night, so after the regular places close, we have places to go for those who are still going strong.

Wednesday Octobet 5, 2016  Day 4
Today is our last full day in Bangkok and it is replay day. After our morning meeting, what didn't you get to do yesterday that you want to do today? So enjoy the hotel, the area around our hotel, other parts of Bangkok or take in a tour if you want. Get a massage or a nap. We are only half way done! Maybe you want to stay on your own today? 

Tonight we will organize another group dinner and discuss where we would like to go. A couple of good choices is the Tawangdang German Brewery or maybe a quicker dinner and grab some ring side seats at Muay Thai Boxing. One area left is where there are these huge (like Vegas Casinos) Soapy massage parlors. These are a Thailand specialty. You have to see it to believe it. If interested, we can venture up there before dinner or boxing

After dinner, another evening at either a new or I suspect some will want to repeat a couple of the clubs we have already been to. Some of you will opt out of all of this and spend your last day and night with your new honey friend.


Thursday October 6, 2016 Day 5

Today after breakfast we will check out of our hotel, say good bye to Bangkok and board our transportation to Pattaya about 2 hour outside of Bangkok. Pattaya is all the things you loved about Bangkok on Steriods! This IS party central!

After we arrive late afternoon in Pattaya we will check into our hotel, the LK Empress. This is a first class hotel right on the beach (across street) with pool, workout rooms, and centrally located to everything. We will arrange a time for a quick overview walking tour of Pattaya and the “Baht Bus” system. I will show you where Walking Street, LK Metro, the various Soi's and some fantastic shopping, food and nightlife.

Tonight we go to one of the most notorious streets in Pattaya, Soi 6. We will have a private welcome party/light dinner at the Ruby Club in the heart of Soi 6. Check out the Internet and You Tube to learn more about this famous Soi. There are over 200 “short time” bars on this street alone. It is “ground zero” for debauchery or as I heard once “where a quick drink isn't quick enough” You'll have a fun time tonight at the Ruby Club. The bar girls here a super friendly and they will be dressed specially just for us in their “little school girl outfits” As a fun aside, the Ruby Club is owned by a former Laguna Niguel resident who moved to Pattaya and opened this very successful club. It's a great story and you'll enjoy meeting him. You'll feel right at home with our SoCal friend.

Soi 6 closes about 1am, so now on to the "Baht Bus" to “Walking Street” for close to 500 go-go bars, beer bars and nightclubs that go to the wee hours tonight. Where ever you want to go as a group or individually, you'll always be in contact with our private messaging system.

Friday and Saturday October 7 and 8 2016 Day 6 and 7

The next two days go about the same way. The day starts with a huge buffet breakfast. We will have a meeting after breakfast to see what the group would like to do. Pattaya is a 24 hour town but the appeal is the nightlife and you may be up for most of the night and early morning either partying in the clubs or in your room. So you may want to chill during the day at the pool, beach or a nap in your room. If you have more energy there are a ton of fun daytime activities to do like a dirt bike motorcycle tour, zipline, ATV, Parasailing snorkeling or diving.There is a world class golf course in Pattaya where the Thailand Open is played (green fees reasonable). Or relaxing with a foot or Thai massage and like Bangkok plenty of shopping.

If you are interested in getting a suit made, start that on the first day as there will be a couple of fittings. Also, on the first day we arrive, if you need to get laundry done, it takes about 24 hours. I'll show you my favorite place to go.

The next two days will be about the same as we explore Pattaya together, the sunshine and the nightlife. We will be all connected as a group with our private messaging system so you can join in for group activities at your leisure, like our nightly dinners or explore on your own and catch up with us later in the evenings. Or spend your time with your new girlfriend.

Octobet 9, 2016 Day 8

All good things must come to an end, and it's time to head back to the airport. Depending on peoples flights today, we may travel as a group or some of you will go in a private taxi if your flight is either too early for the group departure or a late flight so you can stay longer in Pattaya if you wish. We will work out a schedule after we know your return flights.



Our VIP pricing is unbelievably reasonable.

The tour is for about 5 to no more than 15 men. A very personal tour to help you find the women of your dreams. Your tour guide “wingman” to show you all the places you have heard about and now will experience on our tour.

Complete Package, Double Occupancy is just Regular Price $1,999

BUT WAIT THERES MORE! This is a VIP tour and you are a VIP. Haven't you reached a point in your life where you should have your own room? Of course. Also, night time hours will be a very busy time in your room. You don't want to share the room with a roommate. Also a little insight. Thai women LOVE and I mean LOVE to cuddle. Do you like to cuddle? Of course you do! You need your own room.

Your OWN single deluxe room. Guests allow all night, for ALL SEVEN NIGHTS is only $399.00 additional

Regular Price $2,398

That's 8 days of fun for only $299.87 a day! For a Single room! For the entire tour!!!!

This has been on your bucket list. Now its time for action. If you loved Spring Break in college but frankly, you 're a little too old for that now. This is where you want to be. Join us.

As a friend of mine in Bangkok said to me. If you are a single man over 30 and haven't experienced Thailand, you are REALLY missing the boat!


Obviously, this tour is focused for heterosexual/straight men. HOWEVER, we don't discriminate. To our female friends, you are welcome to join us. We are going to male centric places and there may be better Thailand tours for you. BUT, our tour is filled with men looking for women, so maybe this is a good tour for you after all, I don't know. It's a thought. To our gay friends, there are many gay clubs and bars in both cities and this tour can be duplicated with different places that you will enjoy and while I will not be joining you, I can direct you to excellent gay clubs and I have resources and friends in Thailand that will be happy to suggest areas and places for you to go as well.

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